How do I purl the wrong side?

I am currently working on a pattern, in which I need to knit the first three rows, then purl the wrong side of the 4th row.
The right side of my work is currently facing me, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to purl the wrong side.
I can turn my work around unless I change hands, and in no way am I left handed.
I’ve been trying to find instructions or videos about this for 2 days now and I can’t find anything… am I missing something?


If row 1 is the right side then row 4 would be a wrong side. I think you just knit 3 rows and then purl the 4th row, putting a Reverse stockinette row on the wrong side on that row and a stockinette row on the right side. This all ends up with a small border of garter stitch and possibly a beginning of stockinette thrown onto the right side or whatever they ask you to do next.

If, as you say, when you are ready to work the 4th row you have the right side facing you, you could purl the wrong side of it by putting the stitches on another needle (if you are on straight needles), or simply moving the stitches to the other end of the needle if you are using a circular needle. Now the wrong side is facing you and you could purl it. You would need to join a new yarn to do this, but it is simple to do.

Thank you for your reply.

See, my pattern has 12 rows, with the last two being knits, then starting over again, with my 3 knit rows. when I did my fourth as purl, it seemed like it was switching my work around… I’m guessing I was purling the wrong side.

If I count it now I see that my 16th row should be on the wrong side… shoot, that means I’ve either missed a row or did one too many…

Are you counting the CO as a row? I think I remember being told not to count the CO unless the pattern does. That would throw off both your row count by one and also flop the WS from even to odd row numbers.

I’m still new to knitting so I could be wrong about not counting the CO as a row. Hope it is that easy to fix. Crossed Fingers


You’re quite right, don’t count the CO as a row.