How do I "purl back 6 stitches"

I am following this pattern for a newborn hat from “With A Tangled Skein-Whale Tail Newborn hat” and R19 says Purl back 6 stitches and turn. I am not sure what to do here. I wrote to the author, but she is due any day and I don’t expect to hear from her soon.

I have been working this pattern in the round and everything has worked out to this point. Do I purl in the next 6 stitches in the same direction I have been going in? If I am supposed to go back in the opposite direction, do I turn the work first?

Any help would be great.


this is the link:

I think it’s just purl ‘back over’ the 6 sts, you don’t do a different kind of purl stitch or anything like that. So yes, if you’re working in the round and beginning short rows, turn so the purl side faces you.

I agree, turn and purl 6 stitches, then turn again.

What a cute hat!

Any advice on if I should get the stitches onto 1 needle and start working it flat?

No, you can continue to work flat on the circular; the other sts are just being held until you knit them again.