How Do I Purl a Yarn Over?

My pattern doesn’t look like the picture so far. It should have “holes” in it for a lacy effect. Pattern is simple, really; 6 rows only. Rows 1 & 3 are Knit rows. Rows 2, 4, & 6 are Purl rows.

Row 5 is the pattern stitch row. As I knit along on that row, the directions call for YO, K1 (5 times), YO. I can do the YOs. I am an English knitter (thrower), and I just throw the yarn over the needle and then knit the next stitch.

How do I purl those YOs when I come back in Row 6 which is purl every stitch row.

I slip the right needle into the YO as to knit and then slide the needle over the top of the left needle, yarn still on the right needle. Now it looks like a purl stitch and I purl it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Next stop is a yarn shop, I guess! Linda from Maine

Ooops! I was doing my YO wrong! Found another poster was directed to a video on this site when I went to Glossary & looked up YO. Learned my YO was opposite of what it should be, ergo the tiny holes in my work. I think I’m all set.
Linda from Maine

Yep, a YO should be made the same way you make a knit st, and worked into on the next row the same as a regular stitch is. Glad you figured it out.