How do I pick up these stitches?

I’m working on Knitscene spring 2006 Molly Ringwald (smallest size). I’ve got the front done and the back almost done, so almost time to seam and add the sleeves. I am wondering how to pick up stitches though. Instructions say this for the straps that you attach the sleeves to:

Right strap
Row 1 (WS) P2, k2.
Row 2 (RS) K4.
Rep rows 1 and 2 for a total of 70 (74, 78,…) rows. Place 4 sts on holder.

(left strap work as for right)

Then, you attach the straps to the back with Kitchener stitch. The left sleeve:

With RS facing, join yarn at left front beg of strap; pickup and knit 44 (46, 48,…) evenly along armhole edge of strap.

I’m wondering…if I have 70 rows worth of strap, how do I pick up 44 stitches? Doing every other one will give me only 35, right? Here’s a photo of the finished top: to get an idea of the sleeve area.

I think I’m just not “getting” part of the instructions.

Doing 2/3rds of the stitches will give you 46, which is very close to 44 and you could fudge it a bit… just pick up 2 then skip 1 (you will have to skip 2 twice to compensate for the 2 extra stitches somewhere along the edge though).

This should work

Thanks! That should do it.