How do I pick up and knit?

I am working on my first pair of knit pants for my little man, but I don’t understand how to pick up and knit :frowning:

Any help on explaining how to do this would be awesome.

Do you mean just pick it up and start knitting? Or picking up stitches? Picking up stitches is a technique in knitting, it might be in the video section of the website. If you mean just pick the needles up and start knitting, well you just pick them up, and knit your first stitch, and continue! Hope this helped.


There’s a video in the Tips section which shows you how to do it (that’s how I learned). Basically, you pull loops up through the work you’ve already done and use those as your cast-on. It does help to see someone do it, though. :slight_smile:

why dont you add a little bit more information from your pattern