How do I make this larger?

Hi everybody:

I made this hat for my nephew and now my DB wants one. I need to make it a little larger for him though and I’m not sure how. :shrug: I need to make it about 2 inches larger. Can somebody help me out ~ Please! The decreases are stumping me as far as if I increase the number of stitches I cast on, how do I do the decreases? Please help me! And (I’m doing it only using one color of yarn, so the color changes are ignored.) Here’s the pattern:

[color=darkblue][b]Cast on 72 stitches onto circular needle.

Being careful not to twist stitches, place marker, join knitting and work K2, P1 ribbing for 10 rounds.

Round 11: *k8, inc 1, repeat from * (Total stitches on circular needle should now be 81)

Knit 10 rounds of MC.

Knit 2 rounds CC1

Knit 2 rounds MC

Knit 2 rounds CC2

Knit 2 rounds MC

Knit 2 rounds CC1

Knit 10 rounds MC

Decrease Round 1: *k7, k2tog, rep from *

Decrease Round 2: *k6, k2 tog, rep from *

Decrease Round 3: *k5, k2 tog, rep from *

NOTE: At this point, the reduced number of stitches may make working on the circular needle difficult. Transfer stitches to the dpn’s and carry on as though you were still working with the circular needle.

Decrease Round 4: *k4, k2 tog, rep from *

Decrease Round 5: *k3, k2 tog, rep from *

Decrease Round 6: K2tog all the way around

Knit one row even[/b][/color]

Thank You!

You just need to cast on more stitches. Just make sure the # of stitches work with your pattern and decreases.

Hi Jan:

I know I need to CO more stitches, but I’m not sure how many. I am confused as to how to make the decreases work out. :shrug: I don’t know how to make it work for the pattern and the decreases. Maybe I should just try and find another pattern. :verysad:

You need to make it 2 inches larger, right? Since you know how many sts/inch you have, CO 2 more inches worth. Start the decreasing about a couple inches longer than you did for the boy’s hat, and do the same type of decrease - you maybe want the first row of decs to be k8, k2tog if you CO 80 sts. Don’t panic, it should work out okay.


Thank you Sue! I will give it a try. Having to alter a pattern always freaks me out! :oops: