How do I make this hat?

Hey everybody,

I’m a fairly new knitter, although I’ve succeeded in making quite a few hats :slight_smile: I’ve seen this one around on Tumblr, but don’t know where it’s from but I am absolutely in love with it! I’d love to make it myself, but I could use some pointers on the pattern. I’ve been looking for the perfect slouchy beanie pattern forever.

It seems like a pretty basic pattern, K2P2 brim and then knit around until…9" long maybe? And a basic decrease? What I’m wondering is what size needles I should use. Also, I can’t really tell if the brim is folded over or not. Would love to hear your tips and suggestions!

EDIT: Ok so apparently I can’t post a picture of the hat because I’m new on the forum, if someone could help me out I could inbox it to you, I would really appreciate it!

Posting pictures is in the Additional options:attach file. then you browse if you have it on your computer. Its not that hard really just got to know where the pictures are…I have to track mine down sometimes…post it so we can see…

I tried but it still won’t work. The picture is on bonemomma(dot)tumblr(dot)com, the second one down :slight_smile:

ChatyKathy - Newcomers aren’t allowed to post at first, helps keep the spammers down.

Babyboo - That is pretty basic and good for newer knitters. You need to measure your head, subtract an inch or two and multiply your sts per inch times that. Here’s a basic hat recipe you can use, just fill in the numbers.

Hi Suzeeq

Thanks for your reply. I know the basics, but because the hat looks so ‘chunky’ I was just wondering what size needles I should use. Any idea? :slight_smile: Thank you!

If your yarn is really thick, try 11s or 13s. You have to make a sample anyway to see how many sts per inch you get to figure out how many you need. Cast on about 12 sts with the 11s, knit about 3" and switch to the 13s to knit for a couple inches and see which one you like the fabric better. If your yarn isn’t a bulky or chunky weight, then use size 9 or 10s.