How do i make this boat shaped center pull ball?

i found this through the knitty coffeeshop a few months back…but no one has been able to help me figure out just how to do this. I think it is from Jacquline Fee’s Sweater Workshop book which I can’t find in any nearby bookstores. i tried to make a short video of what i am doing, but no one on knitty coffeshop forum has been able to help me. then lo and behold, i realized i had bookmarked this site as a reference. so i am hoping someone could help me out.

  1. Wind one end of the yarn around the tip of the middle finger of your left hand 3 or 4 times.
  2. With palm of LH facing you, and yarn behind middle finger, take yarn around the base of the thumb (behind hand), across heel of hand (in front), and around back of hand, coming out at base of index finger.
  3. Take yarn to back between index and middle fingers.
  4. Cross back of hand, bring yarn to the front around heel of palm, cross the heel of the hand and go around the back of the thumb.
  5. Bring yarn across palm, starting from the V between thumb & index finger, ending up at pinky-side heel of hand.
  6. Cross the back of the hand, bringing yarn to base of index finger.

Repeat 3-6 until your skein is all wound onto your hand. Tuck away the end you’ve been working on. Slip your hand out. You are ready to work from the center with the end that was wrapped around your middle finger.

if you like, i can email the short video file i have of me attempting to follow these instructions. i just can’t get it. grrrrrr…

thank you to anyone who can help me figure this out!!

Hmmm, I’m trying this, and I’m getting a long hank, not a ball. I can’t picture a way of doing this around your hand, so you’ll get a ball that won’t fall apart on you, simply because one’s hand is so wide. ?? Do you have a picture of what the finished ball is supposed to look like?

I just uploaded a video last night on how to wind a center-pull ball. This is how Elizabeth Zimmerman did it, and it works well. It’s on the Basic Techniques/ More page. I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for, but I’ll mention it, since it sounds like it…?

Hope that helps!

thanks, amy, for replying to my post. unfortunately i don’t have any pictures of what this is suppose to look like. i’ve read that it comes from Jacqueline Fee’s Sweater Workshop book…but i can’t locate this in any nearby bookstores for almost 2 months now. yes, sadly i must admit that i am a bit obsessive compulsive about learning how to do this. but let’s just leave it at “detemined” - yeah, that sounds much better! :lol:

I have learned to do the center ball wind up - i followed SnB explanation in the 1st book. I just wanted to learn a new method to wind the yarn up.

thanks again… and i will check out your posted video. :smiley: