How do I make the Rounded bottom on cape LionBrand #40464-k

Thanks for being there…LionBrand Cape #40464-K pictures a cape with rounded bottom. I knitted this and both the top and bottom have squared off corners, not rounded ones as shown. Don’t care about the top, squared is ok - but wouldn’t you decrease at the edge as well as between the 15-stitch borders? I really want it rounded as shown in the picture. :wall: [color=black][/color]

Hmm, just browsing through the pattern (which is found here for anyone else that takes a look at this post) it looks to me like it should come out rounded because the decreases are done gradually over 60 rows. It doesn’t matter that there aren’t decreases at the very edge of the piece; the decreases placed inside the 15 stitch border still makes the rows shorter, but while maintaining the border as it has been up till now.

Sorry I can’t be more help.