How do I make a turning row?

I’m a beginning knitter, and I’m trying a pattern that says “Make one turning row” after 3 rows of stockinette.

What does that mean? How do I make a turning row??


I hesitate to say for sure without knowing what the rest of the pattern says, but usually that means that you are going to hem the bottom of the piece and need a “guideline”, in the form of a purl row. After you’re through, you would turn up the hem along that guide line. Does that seem to fit with the rest of the instructions? What is the pattern and can you post a link or the page it’s on in the book you’re using?

Knit 3 rows in stockinette - k, p, k - then k the next row to make a purl ridge on the RS. Or if you’re knitting in the round, knit 3 rows, then purl a row.