How do I make a ribbed scarf lay flat?

I am a fairly new knitter tackling a ribbed scarf project (k4p4). I am using Wool-Ease Worsted Weight 86% Acryclic, 10% Wool, 4% Rayon. The scarf looks great, except I didn’t realize that a rib pattern pulls in and curls. I searched all over this site and several others for info on how to get it to lay flat, but I am confused. Is it impossible to get it to lay flat because it is mostly Acrylic? Can I block it when it is done in the ways I read on the sites? If I wash it, will that negate the work I did to get it to lay flat in the first place? I really appreciate your help and am thoroughly enjoying this site since I don’t have a lot of knitters around me to discuss these things with! -Megan

Imparshall -

Wool-Ease is tough to block because it is mostly Acrylic. I recently made a scarf out of it that curled. I soaked it in warm water and pinned it to a towel on the floor. While blocking it didn’t cure the curl 100% it did help considerably. Typically only natural fibers will hold blocking well but it never hurts to try.

You can also wash Wool-Ease instead of soaking it in warm water then blocking it once it comes out of the washer.

Good luck!

I have heard that if you try to ‘block’ acrylic with steam it will usually collapse and go really limp permanently. That may be closer to what you want.

Can you knit a little swatch in the same rib pattern - say 15 cm square - and try some different techniques, like washing and steaming, to see whether it flattens?