How do I make a personalized blanket?

I want to make a blanket for my step-dad’s 50th b-day
is there a website that you know of, where it shows you how to create your own pattern?
I cant find what I’m looking for I found a grid-paper type sheet online where i could just color it in to see what it would look like
but i want it to be 60sts by 100 rows so I dont want to look at little boxes an try to count it on paper than by the stitches :wall:

Can You Help?:hair:

Personalize how? Like add the persons name or do you mean you want to create your own pattern?

I want it to have a large cross and put his name on it so I guess both:)
I have been looking for patterns and different ideas for this project but I am just starting this will be project #3 so any ideas are greatly appritiated:figureditout:
thanks for you help