How do I love thee, LYS? Let me count the ways


I just realized I didnt make an LYS LOVE LIST!

  1. After you have spent 100 dollars, you get 20 off your next purchase. No card, they keep track of it in the puter.
  2. COMFY couches in the front of the store…SO inviting.
  3. Owned by a 30-something woman.
  4. SUCH a great staff! Friendly, knowledgeable, the whole package!
  5. KNITTING LENDING LIBRARY!! They have ALL the new books…both knitting AND crocheting…they will lend them out.
  6. They are the only store in IL that carries Alchemy yarns…and they let me HUG it whenever I want!

OOO I wish I had one of thoes! sigh. :smiley:

Yeah that. Wow! A lending library - awesome!

All your LYS’s sound so nice!

There is only one in our town. Good thing it’s pretty good.
I’m totally jealous of the discount cards though!!

The ladies who own it are really nice.
They are really helpful.
They are letting me borrow a pair of bamboo circulars to see if I like them before I buy them.
They have a chair to sit and knit.
Very small store, but cozy and willing to order in the stuff you want.
They think my daughter is cute, therefore, they are fabulous!!! :cheering: :heart: