How do I love thee, LYS? Let me count the ways

I am totally in love with my LYS (a place I just discovered about 2 months ago) and wanted to share my happy feelings. Though I love to shop online (for anything and everything, not just yarn and knitting supplies), I really appreciate local businesses and especially a good LYS (esp. since I know there are LYSes out there that aren’t so good/friendly/helpful).

At my LYS, for every $10 you spend, you get a little llama stamp on a card they keep on file at the store. After you get 25 stamps, you get a little discount card for 20% off your entire purchase (whenever you choose to use the card). I got my 25th stamp last Friday (wheeeee!) and the card is burning a hole in my pocket, though I’m trying to hang onto it till I’m ready to make a rather large purchase (meanwhile, I’ve begun a new card of llama stamps!). I see more Manos wool in my future. :happydance:

I think it is so cool that they do this, and it makes me even more in :heart: with them than I already was. So I’ve decided to make a list of all the things I love about my LYS, and I’m inviting you to do the same. Would love to hear about all the cool LYSes out there. I hereby proclaim it “Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day” (otherwise known as LYLYSD!). Please join me in making a list of things you love!

Things I love about my LYS:
1 - the llama stamp card, of course
2 - the gorgeous assortment of hand-dyed wool
3 - the great, helpful people who work there
4 - the fact that it is well-laid out, not cramped, and light-filled (lots of windows)
5 - the people there don’t treat me bad when I bring my twin toddlers in with me (and they don’t even mind the boys touching the yarn)
6 - they don’t direct me towards the acrylics just b/c I come in with children
7 - they sell Addi Turbos
8 - they sell Manos wool and cotton
9 - they wind my yarn while I wait
10 - they have great classes (though I haven’t taken any yet)
11 - they have book and knitting night, where you can come, bring your knitting and money for pizza, and discuss a good book you’ve read recently while everyone knits (not the usual book group in that people don’t have to read the same book) - this happens once a month and I hope to participate soon
13 - great, helpful newsletter, which can be downloaded online
14 - there is a great community feel to the place - when I go in, I feel like everyone in there (workers and customers alike) could be my friend, and it’s like we are all in this knitting thing together, regardless of skill level; I almost always end up in pleasant conversation with another knitter in the store - this is in great contrast to my old LYS, where I felt very isolated and intimidated
15 - when they ask me if I need any help, and I say, “No, I just want to feel the wool,” they nod in total understanding

Three cheers for great LYSes :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Now I want to read your lists!

That is a great idea with the 20% off card! Wish my LYS had that.

Thats wonderful!!! :cheering: :happydance:

Okay, we have three LYS and I have only been to each one twice but I already have a favorite:

1)They have a large, bright store
2)They have a couch toward the back where dh and the boys can hang while I shop
3)The are not pretentious
4)They will wind the yarn while I wait
5)They discuss-at length-pluses and minuses of different types of needles to a new knitter
6)They help me figure out yardage for projects
7)They are COMPETENT BEHIND THE REGISTER and don’t get flustered when you return something or exchange it
8)They have a 90 day return policy on yarn so you can start a project and still be able to return the extra yarn when you realize you bought too much (like most of us would ever do that :rofling: )
9)They seem genuinely happy to see me even though I am not a regular yet and can rarely spend much
10)They help me find patterns for projects

I truly :heart: my lys!

  1. Even though the building is only about 15’ by 25’, they keep a wide selection of yarn.
  2. If they don’t have what you want, they are happy to order it for you.
  3. They love to have people come in and sit in the easy chair to knit and chat.
  4. Lynne, the owner, is a fabulous knitter and can help with any question. She reminds me of Ingrid! :smiley:
  5. Her husband, Frank, always offers a cup of tea and is happy to give unsolicited advice–“Just rip it out!” :lol:
  6. We moved here in 1993 (and then to Rochester and back) and I have met more people from the village in the 9 months they’ve been open than I have since we got here.
  7. They have a discount card, too. If you spend $200 you get $25 in free merchandise. I just started my 3rd card… :oops:
  8. But the thing I love the most? It’s only a block away from my house!!!

Ohhhh one of the ones I go to (which happens to be where the next Illinois get together is taking place–the one I CAN’T go to :verysad: ) has some very nice things…

  1. Located on Woodstock Square with so many cute stores in the area
  2. On your first purchase, they put your items in a khaki knitting bag with the shop’s name on it and an adorable picture
  3. 10% off with my knitting guild card
  4. Wonderful supply of Cascade 220 and Lamb’s Pride
  5. Winds your skeins for you
  6. Offers a lot of classes (which I haven’t tried, but a GREAT variety for all levels of knitters
  7. couches, TV, they encourage you to come sit and knit
  8. has a book club with knitting related novels

many more!! Love it!! :heart:[size=6][/size][size=7][/size]

Edit—can anyone explain why a smiley face appeared for #8??

I love my favorite LYS b/c

->They offer awesome classes on knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing, weaving, etc, PLUS have open knit night on Wednesdays
->They also cater to spinners and weavers
->[size=6] They have sheep in their back yard!! [/size]
->They’re really nice
->They have a good selection of natural fiber yarns, including yarns hand spun by their associates
->It’s small, but cozy
->There’s a minature poodle that visits people while they’re shopping
->They’ll wind your hanks for you
->Their prices are reasonable
->They have a nice selection of needles and other accessories
->[size=7] They have sheep in their back yard!! [/size]

I love my other favorite LYS b/c

->It’s 10 minutes from my office
->Tons of pattern books & periodicals
->Huge sale room that’s constantly stocked
->Always lively with conversation
->They take Discover
->They stock back issues of several knitting magazines, like Interweave Knits (my fave) and Rebecca
->It’s 10 minutes from my office :smiley:

My fave LYS ROCKS…Red Needle Knitting Cafe
*Ahhh, the friendliest, most helpful owner in the world!
*Store is huge
*Can’t even begin to go over the stock
*wonderful classes
*Nicky Epstein taught a class this summer & I was unable to attend due to health reasons & the owner saved an autographed book for me :wink:
*She LOVES my husband bc he’s always stopping by to get something to surprise me and/or happily shopping in the store when he goes with me
*The owner gladly accepted my plea to be my test knitter for my sock pattern and was EXTREMELY helpful as I was a knitter of 7 mos and a sock knitter of maybe 2 mos! She led me & directed me, but never ‘did’ anything for me…wonderful teacher she is :thumbsup:
*Place to sit & knit
*Snacks & drinks available
*All around friendly & fun environment :wink:
*Mickey (owner) gently encourages you to expand your skills when she sees you are ready
*Mickey knows all of her customers & is VERY INTERESTED in whatever you are knitting
BEST LYS IN THE WORLD(at least as far as I’ve been :wink: )

All these LYSes sound fantastic! Makes me want to travel to all your towns so I can try them all out. LYSes are doing some very cool stuff! Love the sheep in the backyard, the shop that puts purchases in a knitting bag on the first purchase, the couches and cozy places to knit. And the people working in all your shops sound just great.

Happy LYLYSD to you all!

Wow…all these stores are awesome! I have been to one near me a couple times, but haven’t bought anything from them yet. They are kind of expensive. Now that I know a little more about yarn I’ll have to go back and see what they have and how much it is. I don’t know if they have any discount cards or anything. This is the store.

I hate my LYS now.

I used to have a card with them. Then I found out last month that they threw my card away – in fact, they toss out all cards that are at least two years old and are not full. I’m pretty sure my card was nearly full. That LYS has sent me a message, strong and clear, that I don’t spend enough at their shop so therefore I am not a valuable customer and I don’t deserve to have a card with them.



Oh Debi, that’s awful!!! :frowning: Wow. How cold.

Jan, I love your LYS’s website - looks like a yummy place! :thumbsup:

I love my LYS, too. Hmmm…a list… :thinking:

  1. There is a large group of women who work there, and they are all very helpful and willing to answer questions.
  2. They wind yarn while you wait, happily!
  3. They have a TON of yarn- so many different kinds, it is mind-boggling.
  4. They are very well organized. One room for baby yarn, all cotton in one area, acrylics in one area, etc…
  5. They have a table with comfy chairs where all their pattern books are.
  6. They play nice music on the stereo.
  7. They have a ton of knitted items hanging around the store, with tags that tell you what yarn was used, how much of it, and what pattern it is.

That’s all I can think of right now, but I’m sure there are more!!!

Aw Debi, move to Portland! We have dozens of LYS here. And they’re all friendly and nice and have great yarns and like Earthchick when they ask me if I need any help, and I say, “No, I just want to feel the wool,” they nod in total understanding. AT the best LYS ever called the Yarn Garden, they have little cards. And not only do they not throw them away but get this: They have a coffe shop with little cards too. My son’s dad goes in there a lot to get coffe. Well he forgot his little card one day so they held onto it. Then one day when I went in, this guy in the coffe shop (yes they have men who work there and knit!) comes up to me and says “hey you’re the mom to that little boy who comes in with his dad sometimes right” and I say yeah and he gives me the card saying he forgot it!. My son took a begging class when he was 8. They love him. That is reason enough alone to :heart: my LYS.

Does he get you lots of free yarn with his BEGGING? :roflhard:

Does he get you lots of free yarn with his BEGGING? :roflhard:[/quote]
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Rebecca Last Thanksgiving you advised me to go the Red Needle
in your beautiful city of Savannah. I did and it was an awesome shop.

Since then I have had a hard time adjusting to the limited selections offered by my LYS. You are really lucky!!!

I have ordered three times from their website-
and have received my order within a few days. They have a "specials"
section which is always changing.

Thanks again


Temptations, temptations! Ya know, I once took an online quiz called “What’s Your Spot?” (which was free at the time, but not anymore :() and Portland was #2 on my list (behind Las Vegas). I think you just moved it to #1, by golly.


Does he get you lots of free yarn with his BEGGING? :roflhard:[/quote]
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:[/quote]

:doh: That’s more than a Freudian slip thats a Freudian slip slip knit!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: