How do i know what ‘patt’ to follow

Hi. A total newbie here attempting to knit a baby cardigan and am stuck.
It gives directions for 4 rows that set irish moss patt with cables and then continue with row 5&6 form cable patt.
The insturctions that i am stuck on are for row 5&6 it says patt 10. But previous rows were:
Row 1: (p1,k1) 5 times …
Row 2: (k1,p1) 5 times …
Row 3: (k1,p1) 5 times …
Row 4: (p1,k1) 5 times …
Now how do i know which way you are supposed to start for next 2 rows with k or p?
Please help and if you can explain how to understand it for the rest of the pattern then id be truly grateful!

If the first 4 rows that you gave are the Irish moss stitch for your pattern then you would start row 5 as row 1 and row 6 as row 2 and then continue that pattern. Repeat the moss pattern given in rows 1-4.

The best way to know how to work the pattern, however is to look at your knitting and see what the pattern is on the previous rows. This is difficult when you start out but keep looking at the knit pattern as you go along and you’ll be able to tell that it’s going correctly.

Which pattern are you working? Can you give us the pattern name?

Thanks for getting back to me. I shall try continuing with the pattern now (and probably get stuck again very soon!).
I am attempting cardigan, helmet and beret in lullaby dk 8917 (thats all it says on the front so i assume that would be the pattern name).

That’s adorable. Come back anytime with questions or comments.

Thats the one!
So following on from last question, the 6 rows together form cable patt.
Patterns then states ‘cont in irish moss and cable patt as set (throughout) as follows:
Shape armholes
Work 5 rows dec 1 st at end of each row

Does that mean i start again from row 1 of irish moss or continue from row 3 since row 5&6 were following pattern of row 1&2??
Also whats the best way of dec st here as either end is a repear of knit and purl.
Thanks in advance!

Continue with whatever row of the Irish moss stitch you were up to. You don’t want to interrupt that pattern. The eye is immediately drawn to a break in pattern.
I usually decrease as ssk at the beginning of the row and k2tog at the end of the row. You can decrease one stitch in from the ends to make seaming easier. If you do that just work the first and last sts as knits on the RS and purls on the WS. You’ll have to adjust the beginning of the moss stitch accordingly. Look at the previous rows so that you can figure out how to start the row and maintain pattern.

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