How do I knit with 2 colors?

Okay, I’ve got the knitting down…now I want to try a 2 color piece. I know how to cast on, but I’m confused as to how you introduce the new color? Once I have, say, 20 rows of this color, then how do I bring in the new color when it’s not attached to anything? Do I just tie it on, but then how do I get the other color back? AHHHHH!! I’m wanting to do a scarf that is striped… Please help!:frog:

To start a new color you just start knitting with it and then weave in the ends later. You can tie the ends together loosely to help hold it till you’re ready to weave.

If you are going to do 20 rows in between you’ll need to cut the yarn and start it over each time you change colors. If you are going to do just a few rows of each color you can carry it up the side. To secure it bring the yarn color you are going to use under the other color each time.

Weaving in help: