How Do I knit this?

How do i knit Fingerless gloves with a skull on it?

How about these:

ALso, has a pair of fingerless gloves w/a snowflake design that morphs into a skull up the arm. (can’t find the pattern real quick, but you could go there and search around some.)

Or how about make a basic glove, like these:
and duplicate stitch the skull on. You can google ‘knit skull chart’ and get quite a few in different sizes and pick one of them.

If you don’t want do duplicate stitch, which is put the design on after you’re done, then you’ll need to learn to do stranded (aka fair isle) knitting.

Here’s a link for learning fair isle. You need IE to view it. I suggest doing the practice piece first so you can learn to strand loosely.
Here’s more -

How do duplicate stitch.

Thank you.