How do I knit this Helmut Lang Cowl

I want to make one so bad! Thank you for all your help!,default,pd.html and are some affordable alpaca yarns (and there are plenty more at in a variety of colors/weights/textures)

and has over 300 free ‘snood’ patterns but it looks like simple stockinette.

it would be an indulgent piece, and if you DIY, it could cost as little as $25 with clearanced alpaca yarn, instead of the helmut lang price :wink:


Thank you, and I can’t figure out how to knit it up to get a horizontal stockinette.

Start with a provisional cast on. Work in stockinette the desired width and length. Kitchener stitch the ends together. No seam, you shouldn’t be able to tell where you started and ended.


Cast on and knit the width and length you want then sew the ends together.

I replied to your other post on the same topic. Now I see what you’re wanting. I think I’ll go delete the other post.