How do I knit slits in the ends of my loom knit tube scarf to make pockets?

Hello, everyone, :hug:

I am new to forums, and this is my first that I have joined. I love to knit, and I love this site! It is so helpful!

I am working on a simple tube scarf pattern, using the red knifty knitter loom. The project is still in it’s beginning stages and it is still early enough to modify. I thought that since I am sewing the ends of the scarf, why not just put slits in the ends of it for pockets on the end of the scarf? I looked on line for patterns for the knitting loom, and found none. This is turning out to be easier said than done. If anyone could provide some advice, help, any links or resources this would be greatly appreciated.

It’s been a while since I’ve used my knifty knitter but I think it would be a case of casting off X number of stitches on one side of the loom. The red loom has 31 pegs making half way either 15 or 16. I’d cast of 8 stitches in the centre of one of those halves. In other words work 4 pegs, cast off 8 work remaining pegs. You’ll have to cut the yarn at some point and then rejoin it and work as if knitting flat for a one or two rounds making your starting and ending points at the edge of those 8 stitches. After that you should be able to return to working in the round. The first round you’d just wrap the 8 pegs once without working them setting them up for the next round and then work even. Does that make since?

Thank You, SO much, Sajomaro. That was very helpful!:knitting: