How do i knit/purl in the wrong side?

please someone help me and tell me how to knit/purl in the wrong side. Do i just go into the the back loop? im lost and cant move on in my project please someone help me ASAP

The WS (wrong side) of your project is the side that will not be shown, like the inside of a sweater or the back side of a scarf. You knit across one side then turn your work. That means put the needle with the stitches back in your left hand and you start knitting (or purling) this side. There is a demo of a small project here at this link. It shows how to do it.

Rows are designated as the right side or the wrong side just to help you know which side is the pattern row. You knit or purl into the sts the same on either side. If they want you to knit into the back loop it’s written as ktbl/ptbl or kb