How do I knit a hat with straight needles?

Hello! Well, I have been looking all over the internet and did a forum search, but I still cannot figure this out exactly.

I am a beginner, and can only knit a basic scarf.

I want to make some kind (any kind at this point, but preferably a beanie type) of hat, but I do not understand the measurements and swatches and all that.

It will be for an adult and I want to use straight needles.

Thank you!!

A swatch is just a sample of your yarn knit up to see how many sts per inch you get, only the sts are usually given for 4" because of those pesky half and quarter stitches. It’s a good idea to CO about 6 sts more than the gauge calls for - 18 sts = 4" you would want to co about 24 sts, then measure over 4" in the middle of the piece. The reason is the edge sts often aren’t the same size as the center sts and they curl under. You want to try to match the gauge given in the pattern to use the same stitch number so the hat will fit. Most hats are about an inch or 2 less than an actual head size because you want them snug so they’re not loose and floppy. If you use a similar yarn to a pattern, start with the needles suggested and see if you get the same sts/inch. You may knit tight or loose so would need to go up or down in needle size to match it.

Here’s a few two needle hat patterns.

Check the yarn gauge to make sure you are using the correct weight for the hat.

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Thank you everyone!


Just search on Google “Hat Knit on Straight Needles” or “2 Needle Knit Hat”. Most patterns will require you to knit a square, close the hole on top, and then sew the seam.

Happy Knitting!