How do I keep from getting ladders on DPN's?

I keep getting ladders on the socks that I knit with DPN’s. When changing needles, I always give the last stitch on the previous needle, and the first stitch on the new needle an extra tug, trying to get the stitches tight, but I always end up with ladders…What can I do to avoid this?? TIA! :smiley:

This is what helped me (although I must admit I have completely abandoned dpns for magic loop now, never could quite get the dpns to work properly :thinking: ).

When you finish knitting say, needle 1, BEFORE you start knitting onto your empty needle, keep using the needle you just finished knitting onto and with that needle, knit the first two stitches of needle 2, THEN start with your empty needle. This prevents the ‘gaps’ from always being in the same place, which causes the ladders, and staggers the joins throughout so that they are not noticeable. When doing this, the beginning of your round will keep changing so you need to be sure you use stitch markers wherever you need them.

Hope this helps.

I pull the working yarn taunt while making the second to last stitch and the last stitch. Also hold the needle tips very close. Pull the working yarn tight and keep needles close together. I focus on this and have eliminated my ladder problem. I discovered that the weight of the needle has a tendency to “pull/stretch” the last stitch. Keep it tight and close to the tips: form the stitch close to or on the tips. I do the same for the first 2 stitches on the next needle.

Pull gently on the 1st 3 sts & this should help with your ladders. You will find many different ways to decrease ladders from different people. I have tried all of them (as everyone has…lol!) and then you kind of fall into a pattern of the technique that works for you, after practicing :wink:

A few suggestions and my solution :happydance: are posted here:

Good luck!