How do I join this?

I am working on a sweater knit in the round. I have completed the body and the live sts are on a scrap yarn.

I have completed a sleeve and the yarn was cut and live sts placed on yarn. The pattern said to leave enough yarn when breaking to graft 4 sts. I have never grafted before.

Now I am working on the other sleeve and this yarn won’t be broken, but then matched up with the body and then it says to-

join the two pieces by working the twisted k st of the sleeve to the twisted k st of the body. Work across sweater front keeping the pattern correct. K twisted st at right body front tog with twisted K st of right sleeve. Work across rt sleeve os sts, place 2 purl sts of body side “seam” on holder, and ssk twisted k st of sleeve tog with first twisted k st of body back. Work across sweater back, keeping pattern correct. K twisted body and left sleeves tog, place 2 purl sts of body side “seam” and 2 purl sts of sleeve underarm “seam” on holders, and work across left sleeve sts to complete round. Work one round even.

My questions may seem silly, but when I knit on dpn’s, the pretty side is on the inside of the circ made by my dpns, so when I join these pieces, am I doing them inside out? (sounds silly I know)

Also, when I am joining these live sts, am I just doing that like k2tog? I have never joined live sts before, just pick up and knit.

And. . .it doesn’t say about the grafting sts, am I right in assuming that these 2 purl sts placed on a holder are the ones being grafted?

Gosh. . .confused.


BTW- the pattern is Leif’s Twisted Tree Pullover

Basically, you have 3 tubes that will be joined together - oOo

" join the two pieces by working the twisted k st of the sleeve to the twisted k st of the body."

You’ll be knitting a stitch of the sleeve together with a stitch from the body, just like k2tog or ssk. At the end of the round for the sleeve, take the sts of the body and knit half of them onto the same needle (switch to a circular), then knit the other sleeve sts and the other part of the body sts. Then join with the first stitch.

You may have to flip all the pieces so the RS is on the outside. The sts being put on holders will be the ones grafted together later for the underarm.

Thanks for your help. Do you think I should just join them and then turn the whole thing inside out for on the circs, just so I don’t goof up my pattern sts?

It will probably make more sense to me once I actually get to that part. I’m almost there.

I think you ought to turn the pieces RS out before you join because you k2tog on the joining row and if you try to purl them they may not come out in the right places. It would be easier to see how they go together too.

I’m new and I was wondering if someone could explain “join to work in the round” to me? Thank you. Gina

When you CO sts to a circular needle, they’re just like casting on to a straight needle (you can knit flat on a circ). But to work in the round, you would curve it into a circle - the 1st co st on the left, the last one and the working yarn on the right, and start knitting. You might want to look at the circular knitting videos on the Advanced Techniques page.