How do I join thick yarn

I am knitting a pillow case using Patons Bohemian yarn. It is very soft and thick. What is the best way to join my next skein? I’ve never used this thick of a yarn before.


I’d tie a knot. It’s not nearly as bulky as trying to knit both strands together for a few stitches.


Thanks. Do you know if felting the ends would work with this yarn?

felting the ends togather will not work. Bohemian is Polyester and acrylic. Yarn has to be mostly animal fiber to felt.

There’s also a technique called the Russian Join that might work. I don’t have a link but it’s easy to search for and I think there might be some posts here that refer to it.


what I do, and it takes a bit longer, is to thin out the yarn a little
not by half, but a bit, and overlap the thinned out ends, by at least 6-8 stitches (I prefer to use 10 stitches, but that might be to frustrating for you)
I am not familiar with the fiber you are talking about, so i have o direct experience

Good luck