How do I increase the size of a sweater band?

I’m knitting a pattern from the '80s when women were a bit smaller around the waist in general. The person I’m knitting this sweater for also has a bit of a tum out front and it sure doesn’t look like the cinched in waist on the pattern! :oops: Having said that, the other measurements do correspond with the size I’m knitting
The band is done in 1:1 rib on 3.25mm needles, while the body is done in 4mm needles. I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a more relaxed fit on the band by using the 4mm needles for the band as well and just carrying onto the body on the same size needles, or will this throw everything out of kilter on the body of the sweater? :shrug:
If anyone has had this problem to solve I would love to hear any tips on how to go about it. Many thanks for your help :muah:

You could use the larger needles for the band. I’m assuming this is a band of ribbing around the waist? You could even leave it out if you wanted to. :shrug:

Yes, this is for the waist band. I think that the ribbing for the sleeve cuffs should be ok using the smaller size needles, but do you think it would look funny or should I keep it consistent with the waist ribbing?

Thanks for your help - I never thought of leaving the band off so that’s another great idea to put into my bag of super tips. :cheering: I’ve got quite a few retro patterns that I’ve picked up in charity shops recently - a mere 10p-20p instead of the usual £2.00 + that modern patterns cost, it’s great to know how to deal with the adjustments needed to accommodate the changes for the modern female figure.

As always my hat’s off to Ingrid for helping me on the knitting way!

I’d keep the wrist ribbing smaller, just so the sleeves don’t go down over her hands. The two sections of ribbing are at such different parts of the pattern, it wouldn’t matter.

Thanks again for your advice. Sorry it took so long to say so but I’ve been having problems accessing the website.
I’ll do just as you suggest, it makes good sense.
I know I’ll be able to use these helps with future projects.
Cheers! :happydance: