How do I increase stitches at the end of a row?

About 6 weeks ago, I started a project that requires me to increase stitches at the end of a row. I came to this website and found, in the forum section, a link to a video that shows me how to do that. Unfortunately, I had a wrist injury and had to take some time off from my project, and forgot how to increase. It’s just for a regular knit stitch.

I’ve been looking for that link and can’t find it now.

I’ve searched on the “increase” video page but can’t find it as those videos show the increase in the middle of a row. Is there anyone that knows where I can find the video?

Thanks in advance.

Was it this page? In the video demos, she is demonstrating the increases as they are done in the middle of a row, but the blue knit example shows what they look like near the ends.

Thanks for replying. But that wasn’t it. In the video, the knitter is at the end of the row. And she creates the stitches completely, if I recall correctly, with the yarn that’s yet to be used.

I remember I had tried the “make one away” stitch and didn’t like it because it created a hole at the end of the row. The video that I found the link to in the forum isn’t on the “increase” video page.

I’m sad that I can’t find it. Argh. I’m a beginner knitter and I’m knitting a sweater for my expected niece, and it’s half done.


Then might be the backwards loop cast on…

It’s on

Unfortunately, that wasn’t it either. It wasn’t a completely new cast-on. She actually had some knit already in her left hand. It was a somewhat complicated stitch (at least for a beginner like me) but once done, it was clean and invisible.

Thanks again for replying.

You can use cable cast on to add stitches at the end of a row.

Thank you, I think I’ll try that if I can’t find the video. I’d already done one side with that particular increase that I learned on the video, so I’d like to try and keep it consistent. I can’t believe I forgot… Argh.