How Do I inc1 twice into each st to end of row?


I am new to the forum (and to knitting), and I am stuck on the beginning of a pattern. It says:

Row 4: Inc1 [B]twice [/B]into each st to end of row (20 sts).

I know how to increase a stitch once but how do I inc1 twice into each st? Does anyone know of a video that shows how to do this (slowly)?

If it will help, here are the instructions for the first three rows:

Row 1 (and every other row): Purl.
Row 2: Inc1 into each st to end of row (10 sts).
Row 3: Purl.

Also, what does it mean to “work 3/4 in (2cm) st st straight in yarn A?” That’s a bit further down in the pattern and I do not know what the part about “straight” means.

I understand that for this pattern yarn A is the first, and primary, colour, but what does it mean st st “straight”? What is the straight part referring to?

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:



Given that you have 10 stitches on Row 2 and are supposed to get to 20 stitches by the end of Row 4, I’m thinking the “twice” might be a typo. It is possible to increase by more than one stitch at a time, but you’d end up with more than 20 stitches if you did that in every stitch.

(Any chance this is machine translated? It’s possible the word there is meant to be again, although it would be superfluous.)

For the other, “st st straight” would mean working in stockinette stitch for whatever length is proscribed. More commonly, this is written as “even” rather than straight. So you won’t be doing an increasing, etc.

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Hi Lewister,

Thank you so much for your reply. I do not know if this pattern was done by machine or not. Here, let me try to post a picture of that part of the pattern.

And thank you also for explaining what “st st straight” means. I really appreciate it!


Definitely looks like a typo given the stitch counts in the rows before and after.

Thanks again! You were right: it appears to be a typo. I followed your advice and that row came out fine.