How do I hold my yarn

So, I am learning to knit and I love it. However, I feel that I hold my needles and yarn awkwardly and I would like to learn to do it like a pro.
I currently let go of my right needle when it’s time to wrap my yarn and use that whole hand (Does that make sense?) I wanted to link to a youtube vid here, but the rules of the forum said nay to that.
And aside from feeling like I look silly, I have two problems. First, It makes me knit slowly, and second, it makes purling in general and knitting on circular needles nearly impossible.
I’m sort of spatially challenged so, if someone could direct me to a video or something that shows me how to hold stuff I would be very grateful.


There are lots of ways of holding yarn and needles so whatever feels comfortable to you is just fine. But if you don’t like the way you are holding the yarn or needles, try different methods. The videos here under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page (try the knit stitch and the purl stitch) show some variations on holding yarn and needles and YouTube shows even more. Try them out to see if one of these methods is more comfortable for you

Awesome :slight_smile:

Look at lots of youtube videos that show english style knitting; nearly every one shows the knitter holding their yarn and needles differently. Try different ways to see what works for you and gets comfortable after a while. I don’t wrap the yarn around any of my fingers, I simply weave it through them - over index, under middle, over ring and the pinky kind of holds the tail a little. It glides smoothly and evenly and I can adjust tension somewhat depending on whether the yarn is closer to my knuckles or out near the fingertips.

If the English style knitting doesn’t suit you, try Continental knitting. The yarn is held in the left hand.