How do I hide my knitting

I bought some gray laceweight yarn a couple of months ago waiting for the perfect pattern. Well yesterday, I found the perfect pattern, but I do not want to show my husband because it is a surprise for Valentine’s Day. And no I cannot knit in front of him, he notices my knitting. So besides not knitting on it while he is home, what other ways can I hide my knitting?

Knit naked. He won’t notice what’s on the needles.:teehee:

Perfect! But she won’t get any knitting done then either!
tell him it’s a scarf/hat/afghan or whatever for someone else.

Ingrid, you CRACK ME UP! “Knit naked” :teehee:

I sometimes tell my husband to watch a show he likes (and I don’t) on the TV adding that I’m going to work on some laundry. Go in laundry room, put on a load and sit and knit. He’s none the wiser… until of course, he sees a ton of loads of clean but yet to be folded clothes and gobs of progress on my current projects. LOL…

Okay, I must admit that I like the knit naked approach better. LOL

Put it in a feminine supply box. They won’t touch those!!

:roflhard: Ladies, you crack me up! Thanks for the morning giggles

:teehee: Must be a place he doesn’t go… the cabinet where the vacuum is? Under the bed?

Ingrid, I think that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read on this site :chair: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

…the dishwasher, laundry room, a baby’s diaper… Gosh there are PLENTY of places he won’t go. :teehee:

Love the knitting naked, but no knitting would get done. Hiding it in the hall closet with the vacuum is out, because he vacuums. I think it will just go under the bed for now, until it gets a little bigger. Hopefully I will be posting pictures before Valentine’s Day of what I am now trying to hide.

:yay: I love mystery knitting! dont tell us! let us all guess:??

lol! :teehee: