How do I handle a row after row of YO and KwTOG

Cast on 52
Row 1. K2 [YO K4 K2Tog K2TOG K4 YO] K1
[repeat] K1 [repeat] K2

Row 2 K2P38 K2. row 3 K

Row 1 42 stitches with 12 stitch repeats. Question 1 last repeat I end with only 8 stitches snd 41 stitches even tho I count each row for 42 stitches, on row 2 is the YO PURLED AS ONE STITCH, don’t go into each stitch from YO? Thank you. It’s a practice priced about 10x10” thanks new to yarnovers

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Cast on 42sts. Remember that a yarn over doesn’t use up a stitch. It’s just bringing the yarn to the front then over the right hand needle to the back. That’s it.
The yarn over counts as one stitch and you purl or knit into it once unless the pattern says otherwise.