How do i get this overlap from a color change to be on the same side?

So I am very new to knitting, this is my first project. I am trying to make a maroon square with this gold stripes in the middle. I only know how to garter stitch. I can’t figure out how to the overlaps from the color change be on the same side of piece when only doing two rows of gold. I know that adding another row of the gold would put these on the same side but I would really like some help to figure out how to keep the gold section to just two rows. I included a picture to show the overlap I’m talking about. Thanks for any help.


You want to do two knit rows, or 1 garter ridge, in gold then change colors. Is that the idea? Work your two rows of gold, then change color. When it’s time to work gold again make sure you’re changing the color on the same end of the rows. Those bumps you see will happen. By always changing on the right side (change colors at the same end as I said above) the bumps will all be one the same side. HTH

Welcome to knitting and Knitting Help! Your stitches look lovely.

You will always have the color change bumps on one side or the other. Nature of the beast. You can change colors on the other side or make that the back side. Always change color on the same side though and it won’t show on the front of your work.