How do i get rid of this bug?!?!?!?!

A friend, whom I have talked about before, says that her parents deprive her of yarn. She loves digging through my yarn bag to find all of my yummy yarns, which I allow. However, I cross the line at USING MY BEST YARN IN THE AWESOMEST DYE LOT EVER!!! She dug through and pulled out a pair of metal needles and this really pretty wool blend in the color Delft. She then proceeded to CO 25 sts and start a baby blanket piece. After that, I have not seen the yarn nor needles, and she claims that they, again :grrr:, are hers. She said she will keep the yarn and needles until she is finished, which will be never. She always wants MY yarn and MY needles. I really wouldn’t care if she gave up knitting for good just so that my yarns would stay mine! If I want the awesomest yarn ever back, (the needles are junky, I don’t care) what should I say/do, or what should I not say/do?

I don’t think there’s anything you can do now, short of breaking in and looting her house. In the future, don’t let her take your stuff. If you keep it out of her hands in the first place, you won’t have to go to the trouble of trying to get it [I]back.[/I]

:psst: Good gosh! This depends on the age of said miscreant! By her parents deprive her of yarn do you mean to say that she is in middle, high school or slightly above? The age will make a difference in your approach.

Kick her @$*:evil: No J/K violence is not the way to go…but I do agree with what was said above it depends on her age but let me tell you I would get it back, I would:tap:

If someone took my nicest yarn, they’d end up with a bloody stump!:!!!::!!!:

Seriously, buy her some less expensive stuff for her own, and hide yours.

Clearly, she is young enough to be living at home and her parents providing for her-- since, they aren’t buying her yarn. It appears that she is still young enough that … this might work?

So, you need to go to her house and talk to her parents and either get the yarn back and the cost of the materials from her parents (including the yucky needles that you don’t mention that they are yucky- they still need to be replaced).

She is not treating you the way that a friend should treat another friend.

Sounds like a kid to me. They’ve got to be put in their place about WHAT they can and cannot have. Next time, tell them no. If you don’t want to be mean about it, tell them you already had plans for that material which is why you bought it in the first place.

What they said. Also, keep your good stuff where she can’t have access to it. Hide it when she’s coming over. Politely explain that all the supplies you have are necessary to your craft, and that the yarns you purchase are all special to you. If she keeps taking things or refuses to return what she already has taken, then go to her/your parents and get them involved. A real friend wouldn’t mooch off of you so much. It’s one thing if have generously decided to gift some thing to her, but it’s quite another to just take what has not been offered.

[quote=Ingrid;1045608]If someone took my nicest yarn, they’d end up with a bloody stump!:!!!::!!!:[quote]

I have to agree, I wouldn’t put up with that. Yarn doesn’t just fall in your lap, someone is paying for it. You must either get the yarn back, or get reimbursed for it by her or her parents.

I’d be hiding my stash whenever she was around. I also agree with others, that’s not much of a ‘friend’ you have there.

shes actually, in 5th grade. :roflhard:

Um, wow, 5th grade you say? How old are you? I know you don’t want to get into a she said/he said match but are you young enough that your parents are buying your supplies for you? If they do and they remember buying that particular yarn, maybe they can go to the girl’s parents and explain the situation?

Jeez, good luck! I hope it turns out. And I second what everyone else said about keeping YOUR stash away from what you might be willing to let someone else see.

Let’s not get into how old i am, but I can’t legally drive yet…:pout:

yah, my parent buy my yarn/supplies because I CANT DRIVE YET!!! :noway:

if she is in 5th grade she might not know the value of what she has taken. I would give her a bill for the supplies she took and give a copy to her parents and see what happens.

oh she knows more than she shows
she acts all innocent but shes not
she knows the value of it to me :doh:
why did i have to know her :noway:

First of all,

Move your stash so that it can no longer be browsed and taken by anyone.

Second, your friend is well into the age of being responsible. In my house, my 8 year old and 6 year old are learning to appreciate $ value because I make them put either $ or sweat equity into almost everything I purchase for them. My daughter is currently putting 100 hours of sweat equity into earning the Canadian equivalent of the American Girl doll. The doll is sitting on our China Cabinet to keep my daughter motivated. My son is doing the same to earn back his Game Cube that he lost by repeatedly swearing at me and others.

So, give her a chance. Be fair! She’s your friend, she deserves a chance. So talk to her one on one. Give her a concrete time to return or replace in cash the value of the yarn and needles.

Next, if and assuming that doesn’t work, approach your parent/care giver. Explain the situation again and ask them to witness you talking to her again and asking for either the yarn back OR the cash value so that you can replace said yarn and needles.

The third step is to go above and beyond your friend and have you and your parent approach her parent. This, in Grade 5 terms, does mean you have all out war, and you will likely loose this friend (but your stash will be safe from further raids).

Just… know that you may never get this yarn back or the cash value. I’m sorry but there are unkind people in this world. To put it lightly.

This is one of those learning experiences we all hate to have but do all experience.

Best of luck.

Btw, I work every day on an Elementary and Middle school play ground as Yard Supervisor, so… I’m well aware of what the consequences might be for you regarding this situation. Best of luck!:hug:

If my daughter’s friend did that (especially at that age) I would step in myself and replace the expensive yarn with something else, or tell the girl’s parents they need to give her some $$ to go yarn shopping. But that’s just me - sorry the mother bear syndrome kicks in.

its alright
thanks though

bump! :yay:

i forgot to add, I have this other friend who loves knitting (yay! :yay: ) but whenever I tell her she can’t use my yarn, she makes the huffy face and makes this little annoyed “mmmm!” noise! It is sooo annoying! What can i tell her? P.S. She is 6 MO younger than The Bug. :gah: