How Do I Get Paton's Patterns?

There’s a Paton’s pattern I want called Must Have Cardigan (Rav link) but I can’t quite figure out how to get it. I went to the Paton’s link thinking it would either be free or let me buy it, but there’s no buy link either.

you could look on ebay or go to the oatons website follow this link and it should take you to the book you need

it says on the site there is also online ordering

The pattern is in the “Street Smart” pattern booklet that they sell at Michael’s and Joann’s. If you have a 40% off coupon, it would probably only be four or five dollars. Last week when I was at my local Michael’s, they had the booklet.

Awesome! Thanks!

If you cannot find it, let me know. I did have that book but I may have loaned it to someone. I will take a look in my patterns. carries ALL the Paton’s patterns. My LYS said the top-down sweater pattern was discontinued and I got it from Elann in just a couple of days.

Now that I look at it, that booklet has 4 GREAT must-have patterns!

Tanks all for the help! KHers rock!!!

I may be offline for a little while due to a little thing calld hurricane Ike. Please keep Galveston, Houston and vicinity in your prayers!

WOW would not have expect anyone to call Ike small :wink:

I’m praying, my bil and sil live in Homa, about 15 miles from where Gustav made landfall… the building that lost it’s roof on the weather channel is about 5 blocks from their house

Facetiously of course!:teehee:

This is actually my first big hurricane, if it’s as BIG as they say. I’m about 60 mi. inland but they say our area could see up to 100 mi/hr. winds and we lots of big trees around us.