How do I get back on track after tinking?

My shawl pattern has many rows the same (with increases), then starts pattern rows. I got really messed up and took out the pattern rows. Then I didn’t have enough stitches. I got back to where I have enough stitches, but can’t tell if I’m on the right or wrong row to start the pattern. I know which side is the right side. I just don’t know if I should be starting the pattern with right side facing me or away from me. Pattern says, “Next Row (WS) K3, y/o, …183 stitches” for last row of knitting plain. So do I start the pattern with right side facing me? I am using a chart for the first time also. The pattern stitches are on a chart. So do I read from right to left and then from left to right on the chart? I hope this makes sense. Thank you.

From what you posted, you start the pattern with the right side toward you. You’ll work that first chart row right to left, then usually–unless it says in no uncertain terms that the wrong side rows aren’t included–left to right on the wrong side.

Thank You. Yes it says right to left on RS and Left to Right on WS or odd and even, RS and WS respectively.