How do I fix this?!

Can anyone explain to me, an absolute beginner, how to fix this?

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It’s a little hard for me to see what’s going on because of the dark yarn and background. It looks like an edge stitch is off the needle? You could knit over to it place it back on the right needle and knit it if it’s just a stitch from one row below.
What are you making? Will the edge stitch be part of the seam?

The problem is twofold. I have picked up a stitch I think in the second stitch from the point of the need and that is where my working yarn is. Then I have they mystery loop hanging off the end. It is going to be a cowel so yes that seam side will show.

Jordana Sopkow

Have you counted your stitches? I’d be inclined to think that you have dropped your last stitch which would be the mysterious loop, and that you have picked up a stitch somewhere.

Yes, I think that is part of what happened and I also knit on the wrong side when it should have been the right side. I took it to the place I am getting a lesson from and they fixed it for me today.
Thank you so much for responding!

Jordana Sopkow