How do I fix this mistake?

I am knitting a baby hat in the round using double pointed needles. With the pattern I have, an even 28 stitches are on each needle. I am now well into the hat, and have finished with the pattern part of it that has diamonds, etc, and am now just doing basic knitting.

I did a count, and noticed that one of my needles now has 29 stitches, but the others have 28. So, I gained a stitch (accidental increase) somewhere in the last round or so. I checked them all carefully, and cannot find where I did it or where the yarn might have split.

So, how do I fix this mistake? Do I combine two stitches now, or wait until I do crowning? The decrease part of the pattern will be off if I keep that extra stitch. Any suggestions?

If it’s not noticeable I would just decrease somewhere to get back to the correct count.

Plant Goddess is right. We worry too much about 1 little ole stitch. If it is not noticable in the pattern part don’t do anything but knit two together, now or a little later, doesn’t really matter.

I agree with both of these ladies, it won’t be noticable and you’ll forget about it…maybe. LOL! I’m the world’s worst at remembering mistakes but have learned to get over it! Mary

if it doesnt affect tyhe pattern (which it doesnt sound like it does) then i would leave it for now and deal with it when you are decreasing anyway (say if the pattern said k2tog at end of needle i might do two k2tos at the end of the needle witht he extra stitch on the first round)
it does depend on the pattern and how they decrease the stitches though.

Yep, all of the above.

Just k2 together in a place where it shows the least.

This is called “Fudging”.

Believe me, I visit the “Fudge Pot” a whole lot! Hey, if you can’t find either the mistake or the fix-it fudge without knowing where to look for it, then who’s the wiser?