How do I fix a missed stitch?

I am just learning to knit and I have a run going down the piece that I am working on. I am currently doing the knit garter stitch. Is there a way to fix it without unraveling the whole thing? HELP!


Unless it’s just a few rows you really do have to start over. Beyond a couple rows there just won’t be room for it anymore.

That said… fixing garter stitch isn’t hard, but it’s more complicated than fixing stockinette. When you have to fix garter you have to work on both sides of the dropped stitch. Once side will create the “purl bump” and the other creates the knit. You ARE just knitting, but that’s the way it works. Here’s a that might make it easier for you than trying to explain it.

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Thank you so much - I really appreciate that. I will view the link.
Thanks for the info about where to ask questions - I just joined today.


I just viewed that sight and it was so helpful - Thanks for sharing.


You’re welcome! Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup: