How do I finish the thumb on my mittens? Please help

*****Here is the pattern.
I have finished everything except the thumb. I cut the yarn where the mittens touch the tops of the fingers. I hope that was what I was supposed to do. Now it says to knit the stitches but I don’t have any working yarn left? Also, it says to pick up stitches over gap?

Here is what I have so far:

One more question: Are mittens supposed to be loose around the wrists? I would think they were supposed to be snug but these are not. I would like to make it over with the wrist a little more snug but it will throw everything off. Any ideas?

Hi, the mitten looks great :thumbsup:

When you say out of working yarn do you mean you have no yarn left? or the working yarn isn’t connected to anything?

If you do have yarn left then what I would do is start first with the dpn with 2 stitchs, pick up 2 sts with your yarn right before the dpn in that gap, then work the 2 sts on the dpn, so now you have 4sts on each dpn. You just continue knitting until you are ready for the decreases.

You can make the cuffs fit more snug by casting on less and then increasing when you reach the hand, dropping a needle size, or you may try making the cuff longer so it can be tucked into a coat.

Amy has a video on picking up sts on this page, just scroll down

I have yarn but the working yarn was all used to finish the top of the mitten. How do I attach more working yarn to finish the thumb?

Thanks so much for your help. VERY MUCH appreciated.

Wow. I just found this great website and I think I will be able to figure things out from it. I cannot believe how great this is!

Thanks. :muah: :cheering:

You don’t really `attach’ new yarn, you just start making stitches with it, leaving a tail.