How do I figure decreases for a hat?

I am knitting a hat 70 sts around and need to start my decreases for the crown. How do I figure them? This is a pattern that I made up and would like the top of the hat to look nice and neat when finished. The hat is Double knited so it will be reversible.

Usually you work in multiples of 10. Or if you want a faster decrease you could work in multiples of 7.

For 10, you’d work the first decrease row as k8, k2tog all the way around, and then knit a row even. On the next dec you’d work k7, k2tog, then k6, k2tog, etc. (with an even row between) until you get down to a few stitches that you’d pull your yarn through to close the top.

For multiple of 7, you’d start with k5, k2tog, k4, k2tog, etc., with an even row between.

Thank you! Does this hold true for all knitting decreases,when not using a specific pattern?

Yes, find the 2 numbers the sts are a multiple of - like 84 would be 7 and 12, 88 is 8 and 11, and so on - and use either number.

Took me awhile to figure that out, too. Once you get it though you can make any size hat easily.

Thank you all, you have been a great help:)