How do I felt a purse with a front loading machine?

Help! I just got a front loading washing machine and want to know if I can felt purses in it.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve felted a Booga bag in my front loader. I put it in a pillow case with I think a pair of shoes and a couple pairs of jeans. It probably took about three times through on hot, but when I did the I-cord separately, I put that in a more mesh type bag and put it through one load on hot and that did it. Just put in about a heaping teaspoon or so of detergent too. I also wondered about putting it in with clean tennis balls for more agitation too.

I don’t have an answer, but I’m curious about something. I’ve seen this type of question before and always wondered why it would make a difference. I have an old top loader myself. Is the difference because they don’t have the agitator thingy?

No agitator thingie is part of the challenge, but the greater obstacle is that you can’t just open the machine and fish out your feltable at any time to check on its progress. You have to drain the machine first.

Whoa…never thought of that! Interesting!

I can open my machine at certain points in the cycle, like when it is filling at times in the wash and rinse cycles, even if there is water in there as in mine it never gets above the door, but I have to push in the button to stop the cycle and unlock the door, I can’t just open the lid/door to stop it like with a top loader.