How do I Fair Isle just few letter in the round

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I’m knitting a USC benie for my hubbi. N i’m knitting it in the round. What, I don’t get is when i knit the letter in do i carry the yarn all the way around wrapping it around the main color, while i knit the main color or do i leaVe it dangling. n if i do, how do i pick it up and knit it again if its on the other end of the “U” how do i bring it bck to the “C” …or should i stitch it in?.. i hope this make sense…its kind of confusing…:shrug:

or maybe better yet …momma kept saying i’m better off knitting it on straight needle it be easier…but i really wanted to know if there is a way to do it in the round…any adice

If both colors go through the pattern, it can be done.

As you work around, the first round will bring the contrasting color to the wrong edge of the pattern, as you’ve seen. Leave it there and finish the round with the main color.

On the next round, knit across the pattern with the background color and [I]slip[/I] the contrasting color stitches as you go. Then, turn the work so the WS is facing you.

Slip the MC stitches that you just knit and purl the CC stitches. The slip it all back and continue with the MC.

On the next round, the CC will be in the right place, so just work across with both yarns.

If, however, both colors are NOT in the pattern, then you really do have to work back and forth or strand one color all the way around. You could work in the round up to that point, work back and forth for the pattern, and then rejoin in the round. This way you’ll only have a section of the hat to seam.