How do I face the second sleeve?

three hundred rows per sleeve…
in lace.
on size 0 needles.
I’ve been excited I’m “almost there” with the first one for about 2 weeks now.

now I’m just dreading the end (only another 40 rows to go! :roflhard:) because it just means I have to start the other.

why didn’t I start with the sleeves?


and as a subquestion - I knit the back with the slip stitch, knit the last stitch but then on the right and left fronts I realised I “had” to knit both sides of each row stockinette (and did it). does this mean I have to reknit the back to make the seams come out right? I want to use mattress stitch.


Well, the only thing I can say now, is stick with it, and you’ll be rewarded when it’s done. You can try knitting both your sleeves at the same time, and then you won’t have to do one, and then a whole other one. It seems to make it go faster.

The second sleeve is my nemesis, too. :pout: I try to do them first, but when I knit them on, there’s no option.

As for the seaming–don’t reknit the back! You’ll be able to use mattress. If need be you can go one stitch in from the edge of the back so you’re connecting two st st rows.