How do i enlarge a pattern?

Hello every1,
I would like 2 knit this nice sweater 4 ds, but it only goes 2 a 10, how do I make it a 12? It’s here:

Also just wanted an opinion, is it 2 girly?


Don’t just go by size. Take a chest measurement and see if it is close. You can make it bigger w/o doing anything by going up a needle size and/or using a heavier weight yarn.

I looked for other Guernsey patterns, but there are very few free ones. If you don’t mind spending $5 or so I can post a few of those to check out.

I didn’t find the pattern ‘girly’ but the yarn you select will help determine that. If for boy, use a yarn that you feel suits him.

Besides what Jan sugg, if you still feel you need to increase one sz beyond the largest, you could inc st count to include one more patt repeat in the body. However, if you opt to add a rep, you’d need to recalc the working numbers for shoulder/neck to reflect the change …but which wouldn’t be all that difficult. The sweater is fairly unstructured and loose in the body so fit isn’t super crucial.


U ladies r brilliant. Duh didn’t think abt. any u posted, sheesh. Thanks alot. Can u tell I’m a new knitter?