How do I "drop one"

I am a new knitter and am knitting a scarf with a light noro yarn. the pattern is my first lacy pattern , it has yarn overs and drop stitches. after 8 rows i am told to drop one and let it run 6 rows to the where i did a yarnover. does that mean i literally slip a stitch off the needle and let it run which i started to do and realized this is probably wrong. or do i create a stitch to drop by wrapping the yarn around twice? thanks so much for any advice:)

Yep, just follow the directions because there’s two kinds of drop stitches. Let the stitch off the needle and let it drop down to the YO below. The other kind of drop stitch would say to YO twice and let one of the loops drop off, but it only goes down to the previous rows.

And to think, most of us have fits if we drop a stitch. :wink:

I can’t wait to see your project.

thank you sooo much! i have searched all over the internet and havent been able to find the answer to this one:)

Thank you Sue for your help. I have tried that and it seemed to work until I got to the last six as the pattern intstructs me to do so. However the pattern for the last six: P2,K1,D1,K1,P2 requires seven if you include the dropped stitch?? am i missing something really simple?

How does the entire row read? Did you make a yo or inc on a previous row before the last 3 sts so that you have an extra one to drop?

Yes the very first row reads *p2 k1 yo k1 p2 k2 * repaet to last six and end with p2 k1 yo k1 p2. I see what you mean except shouldn’t row 8 read knit the pattern until 7 stitches remain?

Maybe it should be the last 4 sts…? If you end the row with p2, k1, yo k1, p2, you’re going to drop the stitch the YO makes which is the 4th one from the end. However if the end of the pattern row is - P2,K1,D1,K1,P2 I guess it would be 7 sts because it will only be 6 [I]after[/I] you drop the one st which you haven’t done yet.