How do I Double Knit?

I am new to knitting, But a fast learner.
I want to try and make the Uncle Argyle Scarf from the book
Stitch’ N B*tch by Debbie Stroller.
It is done by double knitting.
I googled how to double knit, which brought me to this site, but the video that shows how to double knit just shows the end of the project being worked, and I would like like to know how to start from the beginning. If anyone knows any good sites with a video, or really clear step by step instructions, please share!! =)
Thanks in advance.

are you on ravelry? there is a double knitting group… several members have tutorial… (including me)

start here on my blog.and find the double knitting tutorial. the first few pages don’t have links to all the pages (go back and then forward)

there are 8 pages of info in all, including a link to a YouTube cast on method (not the only method for double knitting, just my preferred)

Make a pot holder or two. (practice the argyle pattern where it doesn’t matter–on a potholder)

double knitting is not particularly hard… just a bit of practice and you’ll be fine.