How do i double a teddy bear pattern?

i want to knit this teddy for my son

but when i knit up the beginning of the pattern, it looks like it’s going to be super tiny.
i want to double the size, but i’m just worried about how to double the decreases…do i follow the pattern where it says

“Round 17: [K6, k2tog] 3 times. 21 sts rem.”

so, i double the number of rounds, and i double the number of stitches…

do i just repeat the (K6, k2tog) 6 times? or do i just do 3 decreases?

i’m just not quite sure how to do this one…

How about following the pattern as written with doubled yarn and larger needles?

i thought about that too, but i wasn’t sure how much bigger the bear would get doing that…

i guess i could try it, though…it’d probably be easier then doing math! :doh: :teehee:

thanks for the idea, ingrid!

hmm lets see, f youve increased the number of stitches to make t igger then youl have increased the number of rows to, other wise you end upwitha chuby short bear.
there for i would say you follow the same pattern of decreaes the k2tog 3 times in the row but just keep going unitl you get to the 6st the pattern calls for.

EG. if you cast on 36st to start with, then you would follow the pattern doing the decreases as it says but at row 27 you would have 18st andwould keep decreasing every ther row untill you had 6st left on row 35 (i think)

somebody correct me if im wrong (and it wouldnt surprise me if i am) but thats how i would do it.