How do I do this?

The pattern for this baby blanket says:

(K,P,K) all in next st.
It is the direction for making a bobble. How do I do this? Do I slip the stitch off the left needle and put it back on again?? I haven’t a clue and I can’t find it anywhere online.

Also, the next direction is:
"turn, K3, turn, K3"
does this mean, turn the needles around?

I hope somebody can help! Thanks,

Check out the video for “Bar increase” (k1f&b) on THIS PAGE about half-way down. Do the same, except you will knit, then purl then knit ALL IN THE SAME STITCH. The video will show you how to knit several sts into one. You leave the st ON the left needle in between.

And, yes, “turn” means just that. You turn your needles around to re-knit the same three sts you just knitted.