How Do I Do This Row?

Hi All,

I am fairly new at knitting and have come across a row in a pattern that I don’t know what to do. The row is as follows:

Knit, dec (dec-inc-dec-dec-inc) 2(6-2-2-6-2) sts evenly across… 62(70-78-86-94-102)sts.

I am doing the size 4th in. I know how to increase and decrease but I don’t know what order I do this in. Can someone please help - this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks from Julie

You’re doing the 4th sz or 4th sz w/in the parentheses?

Assuming it’s the latter:

[B]Knit[/B], dec (dec-inc-dec-[B]dec[/B]-inc) 2(6-2-2-[B]6[/B]-2) sts evenly across… 62(70-78-86-[B]94[/B]-102)sts.

In this instance you’d K, dec’ing 6 sts evenly across. Total: 94 sts.

However, if the former:

[B]Knit[/B], dec (dec-inc-[B]dec[/B]-dec-inc) 2(6-2-[B]2[/B]-6-2) sts evenly across… 62(70-78-[B]86[/B]-94-102)sts.

K, dec’ing 2 sts across. Total: 86 sts.

Always best to highlight or circle all instructions applicable to your sz before starting the pattern.


Thanks so much that has made it clear now!!! Your the best!!!