How do I do these decreases?

The pattern says:

Round 1: dec every 6sts, k2tog, 11x, 55sts

Does that mean I k6 then the next two k2tog? Or k5 and then the next two k2tog to make a set of 6 sts?

In order to end up with 55 stitches you’ll need to k4, k2tog, which would use the 5th and 6th stitches.

Thanks, Ingrid! I had it wrong both times. Since I’m working in the round, a marker at the beginning might help.

I would never have thought that. I would have knit 6 then decreased by k2tog… I have so much to learn… How did you figure out to knit 4 before doing the k2tog???


:blush: yeah what she said. I always knit the # of stitches they tell me to then do the decrease. I am embarrassed to know I have been doing it wrong this whole time!

If you knit 6, then k2tog, that uses 7 sts, which repeated 11 times doesn’t result in 55 sts. K4, k2 tog is a 5 st repeat, time 11 = 55 sts.


The vast, vast majority of patterns say k4, k2tog or k6, k2tog, so you have been doing it right.

This one was a bit vague, but if you think about it, by knitting together 5 and 6, you’re decreasing every sixth stitch. The real key was the 11x = 55 stitches.

I see now. But this could also explain why on some projects I am way off on my stitch count when I am done decreasing. I have never been real good with the math :oops: :teehee: