How do I do a provisional cast-on?

This is for a hat pattern I like. I am to knit the cabled band first, casting on with a p-c-o…so that when it’s the width I want, I rip out the p-c-o and pick up stitches to continue knitting the hat.

There is a video at the tab above under Cast-ons that has one method.

I usually use this one though as I find it easier.

Thank you so very much! The video was excellent. I will start this today.

Yesterday I found another great site for casting on videos. I want to try doing socks from the toe up and just could not seem to get enough information by just reading the instructions. Try this link
you may have to copy and paste to get there if you can’t click on it and get there directly. It is Cat Bordhi’s site.

Wow, synchroknitter, that site is very helpful and so interesting! Thank you very much!

Thanks to both of you! I have been wanting to learn the pco, too. I looked at the knittingatnoon video, and it looks so much easier than I thought it would be!

Thanks Jan for the link. :heart: I was going to ask how to do this as my book shows instructions using a crochet hook but a video is GREAT!!!